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MSN Urban Sizzle Reel


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Video editing Gallery' Edit, Post, production & management

MSN Urban
 Guided Pathways for College Spark.
I fully produced, edited and published
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More story telling videos

• Working off scripts that were proven to be attractive to our audience, I created a graphic look and feel for each topic series.

Created templates for other video editors to use.

• Managed 5 apx voice talents, 7 on-site video editors, 4 script writers. We publilshed 17 videos per week to increase video inventory.

• The project drove more revenue than other big-name contributors. Average weekly video views: a million plus , 65% completion rate.

New Bermuda Triangle?
The New Bermuda Triangle?
Oscar the Cat
Bashar al Assad’s reign of power
Bermuda Triangle too?
The Lady in White
Gwen Stefani’s Lips!

Arts for Animals: a program that teaches art in African schools.


Fictitious Trailer for movie sudio ad-buys at MSN Video

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